The Woodland Trust

Visitor information and event collateral
Having worked with us before at Wildlife Trust, our Woodland Trust client came to us knowing we were skilled at mapwork and at designing and producing visitor interpretation boards. She also knew we offered good value for money compared to other agencies.

What we did
Design, print and production

Heartwood Forest
Our first task was to create new signage, information boards and leaflets for Heartwood; one of the Trust’s flagship sites in the south of England. The most challenging task was to create a map showing changes to the site boundaries and landscape. This required skilled interpretation of a variety of source materials, including hand drawn diagrams and marked up versions of previous maps, which we then compared with Google Earth and online Ordinance Survey maps to create an accurate picture. There was no room for error, as when maps are printed large scale, features such as tree-lines and areas of particular vegetation become much more pronounced – and thousands of visitors would have been able to spot any error. Fortunately, attention to detail is one of our strong points.

Hainault Forest
Woodland Trust then came back to us to create family-friendly materials for a Spring Trail event at their Hainault site, just outside London. Together, we developed the idea of the bad Winter Pixie, who was trying to destroy spring. Families followed a trail around the site, looking for other fairy characters hidden in the trees who would help them identify the signs of spring – and help the Woodland Trust to save it. We created a cast who worked their magic by making this a sold-out event despite the soggy bank holiday weekend.