Royal College of Psychiatrists

Patient information leaflets
The Royal College of Psychiatrists wanted to give their suite of patient information leaflets a more contemporary look and feel. With photography out of the question due to the subject matter, we took colour as our starting point and used gradients, shapes and textures to indicate mood; both hope and positivity and – where appropriate – darker territory.

What we did
Project management, creative concept, design, print and production

Together, these leaflets sensitively represent quite difficult subject matter in a way that is approachable, coherent and up to date.

And our attention to detail didn’t stop on the front cover. The copy for these leaflets was written by a board of Psychiatrists and approved by several committees, so we couldn’t change a word. This meant we had to pay good care to the layout to ensure the content was easy to navigate. We also had to meet accessibility criteria, hence the use of colourful section pages, bullets and clean white space.

Feedback has been really positive. The College has been able to sell these leaflets to Primary Care Trusts, hospitals and other health organisations across the UK and demand is so great that we reprint them several times a year.